3D Scanning

Aerial Scans

Argyle provides accurate 3D sitescan services of the built environment and construction projects

The 3D scans can be used to take-off quantities, make measurements, overlay design intent and check progress.

Terestrial Scans: 

Argyle uses professional 360 cameras and precision light imaging detection and ranging equipment known as Lidar sensors to capture the physical properties and condition of a particular site. The billions of points created in the textured point cloud can then be locked into the appropriate survey control poits for the project to align the as-built data with design and survey setting out information for building information modeling and VR experience.


* Image above shows registered 3D scans and pointcloud and HDR 360 image of plant room.


The company have also developed and improved workflows over the years to incorproate robotics and AI technology to enhance the company;s value proposition.

The more recent addition to our product and services is the introduction of our robotics survey kit


The HEXA3D - A Robotic Survey Kit for 3D Scanning and Inspection of Confined Spaces.

Our survey kit allows contractors and property/facilities managers to easily carry out 3d scans and inspections of service spaces above ceilings or any confined spaces that have limited access.

The HEXA3D consists of a Singapore based hexapod crawler scanner, which Argyle can provide services to hire or purchase of the equipment including relevant training to the local property & construction industry and AEC professionals. 

Advantages of the HEXA3D:

  • Small form factor fits into small access panels.
  • Covers large areas of space from one central entry point.
  • Provides real time monitoring of digital 3d survey.
  • Provides digital twin of ceiling/confined space.
  • Minimal distuption to property management operations.
  • No need for workmen to enter the ceiling/confined space.
  • Easily convert data from 3d scan to BIM
  • Provides critical safety hazard analysis of services above suspended ceilings and/or any other areas.

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