Tech Digital Services

Argyle started to use 3D technology in 2016 and have successfully completed over 1 million SQM of Building and Infrastructure Assets in Singapore, Malaysia & Philippines. The Argyle team have used autonomous and remotely controlled robotics, the latest 3D scanning equipment and software to provide affordable and fast 3D models and animations for Clients and provided acurate digital models of the assets under management.


3D Scan to BIM: Argyle experienced construction team have an excellent reputation for quickly understanding the Clients needs and quickly turnaround of csan to CAD or BIM Models.


Aerial Scans: CAA Certified drone pilots capture your project data with a focus on life safety to provide detailed and comprehensive 3D data from industrial grade drones and sensors.


3D Scans: We provide terestrial 3D scans for construction verification, quantity take-off and foresic analysis of construction progress. 


5D Animations (VDC): Powerful presentations for bid proposals & technical tender submissions. 


3D As-builts: Fast, safe, low cost alternative to traditional surveying.


Digital Twins: Argyle have a unique workflow for delivering digital twins at a fraction of the cost provided by BIM service companies.


Construction AI: The team develop code for automation and autonomous construction.


Robotics: Argyle offer custom built robotic solutions for complex project challenges to reduce manpower and mitigate safety risk.