Property Development

Property Development


Providing Property Developers with assignment based management expertise 

Clients no longer need to worry about management capacity as they have immediate access to experienced property development professionals and the opportunity to turn on and off the resource tap when needed.


Typical Assignments: 


  • Conduct market research
  • Provide property development resources
  • Develop unique selling proposition for projects
  • Review market positioning and asset mix 
  • Evaluate property development feasibility reports
  • Prepare development plans
  • Review design briefs
  • Develop procurement strategies
  • Provide design management resources
  • Review cost planning
  • Develop buildability and construction technology strategies
  • Provide construction project management resources
  • Develop and manage quality performance measurement and compensation strategy
  • Develop leasing strategy for retail & commercial
  • Develop sales & marketing strategy for residential
  • Provide tenancy project management and coordination resources